Diceman sayeth #7

In a world so connected how is it that each human can be more distant then ever before?

Increased social anxiety, increased stress, every media image one of extremes with the hate and hero’s of the screen reminding us that the new normal is something to be immersed in rather then experienced.

Where is the closeness of a neighbour borrowing a cup of sugar?

I asked my neighbour for sugar, and he said “not interested”… do I look like a door-to-door salesman? (Well maybe, probably shouldn’t wear a grey suit and blue tie when asking for sugar from strangers.)

Or is all of this just me… rambling from in my house on a cold windy winters day, lamenting at the difference in expectations of a global society and the wholesomeness of the past?

Perhaps the dice will tell.





2 thoughts on “Diceman sayeth #7

  1. Good day Diceman, no it definitely is not just you. The weather is cold, people are cold with sad lost eyes. If you were my neighbour, I would gladly invite you in to share sugar, a cuppa and a chin wag, (even if you were wearing your jarmies 😜)

    I can so relate to this sad lament 💚


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