A story of the beginning.

In the long ago was the world but sea

resided by only one god, named Troy.

Troy did always have a life without glee

for the sea without life was devoid of joy.


Troy wished for some wholesome company

he searched the sea for a companion

finding none did he choose to make one (or many)

for as a god he had the gift of creation.


Out of handful of sand did he make the crabs

from a lump of coral, fish a plenty

with each that he meets he brags

and all that hear think Troy’s words empty.


Still not satisfied Troy wishes for more

from his buttocks he births the whales

his feet inspires to him to craft a shore

and with this land was born, and so more tales.


Troy sick of watery bliss, did walk

upon his newly made land

again was he unable to talk

Troy’s lack of companionship made life so bland.


From his legs did troy make the apes

his stomach he threw away, and so did pigs appear

now immobile did Troy scream for grapes

and luckily those he made were ever near.


In chatting to apes did Troy discover

they lacked shelter and a source of food.

Troy obliged and made great cities from his liver

and with that they were subdued.


And still after all this Troy felt his work incomplete

he ripped out his ribs and threw them afar.

From each rib animals did spawn, from mouse to parakeet

even lizards, sheep and the odd galah.


The world full of beast and fish Troy was impressed

his work seemed perfect, it was quite brill.

It wasn’t till the ape quietly did suggest

perhaps the world should move or spin and not be still.


So taking his arms off he command they move the world,

one to spin the earth, one to move around our very star.

With the world in motion, the apes were hurled

all over the planet, to grow and become quite bizarre.


Now but a head and heart did Troy feel distraught

The planet abuzz with life, and still he lay alone

Once he met a woman his pain was relieved, he thought

there is one I can leave my heart, and have it grown.








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