Diceman Sayeth #9

Humanity, since it first figured out how to figure things out, has been enveloped in an endless search for the truth.

Its a pretty difficult thing to grasp once you’ve thought about it.

If you were to attempt to define it… it would probably start like this…

“Truth: that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.” (Google)

Even the smart fellows at google use the word “true” when defining “truth”. There is not really a good way to define it is there?
The main difficulty (and endless nature) of the pursuit of truth is thus, the more one thinks about it, the harder it is to define.

Definitions and “truth” is a construction of the thinking human. An animals, (lets say a duck’s) definition of truth is thus “I exist and what I do is truth”. There being no facts or fictions, no perspectives to consider, no lies or dishonesty for the duck means that it’s truth is defined by its existence. Perception of reality can define truth in a way, BUT…

Humans, however, like to make things difficult.

Lets re-look a that definition from google and break it down a bit, and I pose questions for your own thoughts only.

“That which is true”

  • How do we know its true?
  • Who’s truth is it?
  • How long is it the true for?

“in accordance with fact”

  • Solid facts can eventually be proven false. Whilst a fact may indeed by truth today, tomorrow it may become just another “alternative theory”. The whole pursuit of truth from multiple methodology’s is to seek to find the truth of even well established facts. It was once fact that there were nine planets in the solar system. Then this was proven incorrect.
  • Does this fact exist only because of ignorance to the truth. Are the two really connected?

“In accordance with… reality”

  • Reality, is but the perception gained from utilizing our senses to interpret the world around us. My reality is that I can see the 7 colors of the rainbow, a color blind person see’s less, an machine can see more (ultra violet or what-have you). If truth is bound by reality, and my reality is restricted by my perception of it, how do I know whats true?
  • What is we are all just brains in a jar? (Not my belief, but definitely look up that theory, its at least a good read)

So what does this all mean?

Shall we continue to pursue truth, to uncover the facts, to broaden our horizons and gain further insight into the workings of the world?

This diceman hopes so.


Stay savvy




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