Poem for our ancestors.

In a field far away

lies the remains of our DNA.


Uncle John and great gran

people from whence we all began.


They lived their lives before we came

and passed on knowledge all the same.


Great grandad and grandad worked down the mine

in the hopes that our future can shine!



-Written collaboratively with my father, at the airport.


The Night

When the Soleil left me in the dusk and darkness

I’ve closed my eyes hoping for the fairness

A storm wrapped my cheeks with it’s breeze

But it couldn’t make me totally freeze

A Lark heard my weeping

Warbled while I’m sleeping

Shades of evening

Glittered my feathers for shining

Drizzle in the dusking

Kissed my eyes for sparkling

I heard you breathing

Look I’m smiling…. the lark couldn’t hear me weeping

Dusk disappeared in the luminance

Felt your warmth my cheeks wrapped with blisses

Night was charming with you precious

I’ve open my eyes feeling your kisses

I close my eyes

Wanting to be with you

It’s your breath I hear..

But you’re nowhere near..

The wind is strong, sand is taken

Soleil gonna leave while waves roll down

Stars could smile but can’t smile back

It’s your breath I hear..

But you’re nowhere near..