A new tab!

I have started a new tab!

I will be posting a weekly rant on here, most likely to be published every Sunday/Monday (still figuring out the best time to have it up)

All content is either my opinion, an opinion that I have forced (thanks dice) or something that has been requested to be covered

Some may offend, some may confuse, most will be off-topic and not logical

As always, lets start a discussion if you agree/disagree with what is said.



Who am I?

via – impromptu social media survey


Who am I?

I can smell and make noise but have neither a nose nor mouth

I am the target of many jokes, nay the very subject.

My self and my product are often confused with holes and heads respectively.

Everyone has me, but many love me and most of the world fears having me.

As i get older, my beauty becomes less about image and more about function.

Culturally, they say with size comes an inherent honesty.

Who am I?