Id struggle to call it a story idea, mostly just messing with words.

He stood on an open plane.

No, perhaps that is wrong, it was a levelled plane. Flattened and the plane was horizontally parallel to a grassy plain.


Small fires were still embering out as the man tried to recreate the peace of his mind that would allow him to figure this out.


No sign of the co-pilot, he may of evacuated before the crash, pilots code to save yourself before helping others and all that, glad someone was paying attention to the safety video.



Which week were we walking wearily?

“Last week Bill”

Wow, where was Westminster Wat?

“The Westminster church is in Bull creek in Perth Bill, and you have your theological names mixed up”

Why was westworld woefully whimsical?

“I would hardly call it that Bill, it is a very thought driven show”

Which world wa..



Bill is clearly amused, John was at best bemused.

Forced perspective

You may of noticed in recent posts the influence of very existentialist ideas(and off branch/similar schools of thought).

There is a reason for this.

I could feign ignorance or save face by suggesting it was centred around a deeper search for meaning, that it arose from an urge to explore my place in the world.

It was not this.

At the start of march I wrote down a list of 6 schools of thought, that I would adhere to as closely as I could over the month. These were

1. Scientific focus

2. Religious zealot

3. Existential philosopher

4. Emotional intellectual

5. Grammarian

6. Dice advocator

And i forced my perspective into that frame this month. Its been interesting.

Would you like to suggest some frames of mind to explore for next month? I will be rolling on it soon 🙂

Til next time, find happiness in this vast cosmos we are in.