Forego the normal
expand, excite and let the
dice decide today.


Random page thesaurus prompt: Manner

T’was the manner in my speech

that started this whole mess

T’isn’t my tone nor my screech

but the message I must stress.


For the simplest of pleases

or a curtly thankyou

could rend the pieces

of the unsightly few.


I stand by my manner

to which I present at thee

and if war must be in my planner

then I shall answer in glee.


An opened door, a bow of fancy

was all that was need to stay my blade

and if thoust shall call me Nancy

an enemy you shall have made.


So tarry not my brethren soldier

while our foe may not be polite

we are the few whom shall grow older

and may our words offer us some respite.


Random page thesaurus prompt: imitation

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”

-Oscar Wilde


As the curtains drop on the first

The chorus of applause greets my ear

Unleashed an ravishing thirst

for the praise that is ever so near.


Abound with joy I ponder for a second

For whom does the crowd rejoice?

The actors whose role is dictated

nay, surely the weaver of tales is the object of their attention.


Yet they have only tasted the opening third

of this play that I have crafted

Its reverence the fruit of countless hours

the pedestal to which I stand proudly.


Now pacing back and fourth

I question the nature of the stage

that presents itself as the one true artistry

Lies! for there is no truer artist then my when I pen.


My delusions maintained as I plead the fifth

as though the outcome could be changed

“the worlds the stage and I am the weaver!”

A mocking gaze the reply, as I am led away in chains.



<note> This poem kinda led me astray in the end, I wanted to highlight this concept of “the mediocrity imitating the greatness” and ended with (whats alluded to) an arrogant and delusion criminal being tried for a terrible crime. I do not think I could of strayed further from Oscar Wilde’s intended message from his quote then I did, but hey, such is the nature of this stream of consciousness style of prompt writing that I am testing at the moment. Thanks for reading!