200 follower update!

First of all, thankyou to everyone for the support and for checking out my blog!

Every like/comment/re-blog and follower is precious and I still get excited to see the responses from my little writing project I have here.

In light of the occasion I am going to try another community project, this time with a twist.

Lets write something together!

I will write up the start of a story (it will be quite general to start with) and if you want to add to it, comment the next line (lines if you want) and ill add it to the story (ill also link your blog so we know who added to the story).

This is experimental and, with so many different writers and styles, likely to be chaotic…but thats ok!

Here is the link to the start of it

Communal writing project

comment from this link if you would like to contribute!

Once again, thank you all for reading and here is to the next milestone!


A little about me

I’ve been writing content for this blog for… oh about eight months now, and I haven’t really written much about myself (the blog was really a space to practice poetry, writing stories or thoughts) but today I think I want to write something about myself.


So when I was a toddler (well, about one and a half, so infant?) I was sitting in a high chair and fell backwards, falling into a glazed window and cracking it with my head. Supposedly, after this I did not cry, but laughed. There are two conclusions that I have as to why this occurred; The first conclusion being I suffered from minor brain damage and did not have the capacity to tell anyone about it, the second conclusion is my apparent early signs of being a optimist and seeing the best in any situation.


At the tender age of 31 I sit here in front of my computer (windows, never a mac) and I wholeheartedly believe that its the optimism that keeps me happy and going. Did I suffer from a concussion at a young age and has it affected me? Who knows, doubtful, but who knows.


I have a common saying in my workplace, it usually occurs from the following (sort) of dialogue

“Your always so chipper and happy Ed” <customer>

“That’s because my lungs still work” <Me>

“Oh…ok then, that’s a wonderful attitude to have” <customer>

I could tell you that a part of that is my “customer service persona”, but in reality I live by the ideology of “every day is a blessing”

If you wake up today, it could be worse so enjoy it. Do you have a roof to sleep under, with electricity, can you afford food? Then there are others who would dream of such things, and appreciating that is always my default stance for this world.

It helps even more to be surrounded by friendly faces, a loving partner who makes great food (gone are the days of microwave noodles, ham/cheese sandwiches or just a boiled egg) and a job I don’t necessarily hate.

Stay positive, and thanks for visiting my site!



(photo is from my trip to Niagara falls, I was so very very soaking haha)





Prompt ideas

Hello community!

Recently I have been wanting to practice writing some argumentative/”rant” pieces of writing, but due to my patient nature I struggle to get riled up over a topic enough.

This is where i seek your assistance.

Is there something (anything) that frustrates you? A topic that you feel needs airing out? A point of view that you have and i could research/write about?

Let me know in the comments 🙂


100th post!

Hello all!

I wanted to thank each of you for your continued support. I started this blog to motivate myself to write with regularity, and to seek more eyes on my writing.

Do you have a favourite post of mine?

Is there something you would like to see more of?

Thanks again! Looking forward to the next 100 posts 🙂


Hi guys!

So i just posted my 50th post on the blog, and I wanted to look back and see how things have been going and to set up some new goals.

Firstly, I made a promise to myself when I started this site that I would post daily. After some reflection, I’m still pretty happy with this kind of deadline, but there were days that I posted for posting sake. I’m going to change the promise to “write everyday at least something of meaning”. Some, and hopefully most, of this will get put up on the blog, but I also have started writing a book (still early stages) which I can’t post online. I will still be posting up stuff here frequently, as I very much enjoy doing so 🙂

Secondly, thank you all for your views, likes and follows! I’m still just starting, but after all this time I still crave feedback and criticisms. If any of you like what you read, I would love it if you shared it on your social media and spread the word about my site and works. The more eyes looking at my content the more broad an audience I get which can only improve my writings skills.

Finally, here are some of my favourite posts so far, in no particular order.

20 minute cycle.


Something i found in an old scrapbook

On language

A beginners guide to the destruction of the self, and what to do afterwards (I recommend a good drink)


If you havn’t already, check out my earlier posts too.

If you have any feedback on my content, the site (design choices or ease of use) or anything please feel free to comment. I would love the opportunity to grow!

Thanks again!

Ed 🙂

Information sought!

Hi there!


I am seeking information about how everyday people could make use of dice.

For context, here is a quick summary of what I mean by making use of dice.


In decision making, typically most individuals will weigh up their options, and generally pick an option that has the most positives, being your “best” decision after all. Using a dice, when one has a situation that requires a decision, instead of following your “best” decision, write down 5 other things you could do, they can be anything either positive or negative. Then once you have your 6 options (“best” + 5 other options) label each decision 1 to 6, then roll a 6 sided dice and follow thru that option. The idea being, doing what you normally would not do provides the opportunity to broaden your scope, gain new experiences and (hopefully) learn a bit more about yourself.

There is much more to it then that, but this is not the time to explain it (if your interested read “the dice man” by Luke Rhinehart).

So, the questions

  1. How could you use the dice in your place of work/profession/hobbies?
  2. What would the possible benefits/risks be for using dice in your place of work/profession/hobbies?
  3. Any other thoughts around dice use in everyday life?

If your interested in providing any information about this, send me thru an email, I promise to respond when I can. Otherwise if you like post a comment and we can discuss 🙂

Full disclosure, this is research for an idea for a book I had, though I only had this idea extremely recently and this is just some initial research. If I do end up writing a full book, I will let you know if i used your content, and certainly will be very thankful!

Thankyou very much

Edward Leeming 09/01/2018

Fragmented (consider revising)

Hi guys!

I wanted to touch base with you all on why I started this blog.

Up until recently, I generally only wrote for my own pleasure, no real purpose just doing it for a bit of fun. This is still true today and I have no intention of changing that any time soon.


As my writing has only ever been for myself, there are habits that have developed and a particular writing style that naturally has sprung about.

Frankly, it is stop start-ish and rough, not ideal and not necessarily useful for communicating my ideas.

So I started this blog, I want to test out different writing styles and subject matters. More importantly, if this is my writing style that I end up adopting as my own, I would like it to be the best it can be, and to be able to communicate my ideas as effectively as i can.

So… what I would like…. is for you all to be harsh.

Tell me, do I, like, use too many commas?

Was my use of language…needlessly verbose? To the point of arrogance? Unnaturally so?

Is my story bland…characters one-dimensional… plot points cliche?

Did you like what you read…why?What part of it, was it how it was written or how it was communicated?

I understand that my current audience is not published writers or grammarians, and no matter how I write I would not want my target audience to only be such a group.

Commenting on my blog posts is easy, and do not be afraid to be harsh or critical of what you read… its what I crave… like a masochist.


Edward Leeming 7/12/2017