Diceman sayeth 6

I was told today by a hypnotherapist that I am whats called a “positive anchor” (one of my customers told me, this was not a session I went to) and apart from feeling pretty good about the complement it got me thinking.

It takes so little to positively impact the lives of those around you.

Now if you can raise millions of dollars for charity…great… then do that, but for those of us who can’t, find a way, in your daily life, to create opportunities for interactions with your community. Ask your neighbour about their day, have a chat with the gent ahead of you in-line for groceries. It doesnt take much and it could make someones day.


Its the things we receive willingly for free that is treasured the most. Love, companionship, friendship, community and family.

Thanks for reading, and love thyself and those around you.



Random page thesaurus prompt: imitation

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”

-Oscar Wilde


As the curtains drop on the first

The chorus of applause greets my ear

Unleashed an ravishing thirst

for the praise that is ever so near.


Abound with joy I ponder for a second

For whom does the crowd rejoice?

The actors whose role is dictated

nay, surely the weaver of tales is the object of their attention.


Yet they have only tasted the opening third

of this play that I have crafted

Its reverence the fruit of countless hours

the pedestal to which I stand proudly.


Now pacing back and fourth

I question the nature of the stage

that presents itself as the one true artistry

Lies! for there is no truer artist then my when I pen.


My delusions maintained as I plead the fifth

as though the outcome could be changed

“the worlds the stage and I am the weaver!”

A mocking gaze the reply, as I am led away in chains.



<note> This poem kinda led me astray in the end, I wanted to highlight this concept of “the mediocrity imitating the greatness” and ended with (whats alluded to) an arrogant and delusion criminal being tried for a terrible crime. I do not think I could of strayed further from Oscar Wilde’s intended message from his quote then I did, but hey, such is the nature of this stream of consciousness style of prompt writing that I am testing at the moment. Thanks for reading!



Random page thesaurus prompt: Overshadow

This is a story about a world of trailers and the creatures that dwell there

and the day that this world was discovered was also my last day on earth.

This particular day started as many others do, with a chime, then a bell, then a screech, followed finally by another chime. I’d love to paint you an exquisite scene as to how those particular sounds came to follow each other (a tale of a local bird, that every day flys into the wind chimes, which triggers some haphazard set of events that makes the church bell go off) but unfortunately that is just how my phone alarms work. Being of an anxious type, I set as many alarms as possible, and knowing I will inevitable snooze at least 3 of them, I set them to go off all at once. Does this work? No, but a man can try.

Oh and I had best set up the scene (this helps to humanize the character -me- and provides a core point to begin the narrative). I also suppose being a story about me I’d best switch to second person point of view. There is a tall skinny fellow lying in bed (not great looking, but not bad either), apparel consisting of grey underwear and a transformers shirt (decepticons are the best), the bed itself is of no importance, and the single room studio apartment it is houses in is of the messy variety. Papers and half consumed ramen noodle cups litter the various desk spaces, the dishes in the sink balanced in such a way that, were he alive, would make Issac Newton question his discoveries, and the carpet was lost underneath a sea of shirts, pants, and magazines. This was the home of a practicing scholar (mostly called a student) but this student was of the especially messy type, he was studying philosophy.

On this particular day he was in fact late. The alarms while effective were set a good sixty minutes too late, and upon realizing this predicament the man… (oh my name is Greg) Greg rushed around aimlessly looking for a shirt and pants which fits the niche of his look, one that isn’t too stained and particularly doesn’t smell like socks, upon finding a shirt and some jeans that suits this need Greg switched out of his bed clothes and into his student clothes.

Greg, now fully dressed, rushed out the door,his lecture due to commence in ten minutes and the university being fifteen minutes away. A few neighbors watching with grim satisfaction as Greg ran down the sidewalk (clearly this event has occurred before).

This is about the time that the day began to be unlike other.

As Greg was running past his local bakery, there was a couple of strange occurrences happening around him. The shopkeeper was picking up the same bagel and dropping it over and over. There was a dog, that was just running around the same tree, and ignoring its owners attempts to prevent this action. One particular cloud in the sky was stationary, while other clouds moved past it at someone breakneck speeds.

Of course, Greg’s conscious mind was mostly unaware of these events, being so focused on maintaining his breathing and pace to traverse the distance to the university.

<To be continued>

Id struggle to call it a story idea, mostly just messing with words.

He stood on an open plane.

No, perhaps that is wrong, it was a levelled plane. Flattened and the plane was horizontally parallel to a grassy plain.


Small fires were still embering out as the man tried to recreate the peace of his mind that would allow him to figure this out.


No sign of the co-pilot, he may of evacuated before the crash, pilots code to save yourself before helping others and all that, glad someone was paying attention to the safety video.

Random page thesaurus prompt: Ownership

Sitting here in my chair

A new toaster, a tv and my things to call my own.

How much of what is worked for

Is worth it in the end?

Has it helped me grow…or groan?


For is it not in the priceless

That true value is gained

A walk in nature, hands held at sunset

An three hour talk about nothing

The material items value is all we claimed?


Is ownership of property the goal

Or ownership of ones soul worthy

I have my answer, be it a simple one

Appreciation of the small things

And laughing at the absurdity!